Behold! The Mother of the World

Behold! the Mother of the World is coming.
The Mother of the World is here.
Where have you been, O Divine Mother,
Say how we do draw near.

To touch the hem of hallowed garment,
For fleeting glimpse beyond the veil;
Hiding vast treasures immemorial
Sweet incense, fragrance of an immortelle.

The age of Mother is at hand,
So was released the prophecy;
A cosmic impulse from the Pleiades
As vanguard of our destiny.

Let us run then forth to greet her
Beloved Children of the Sun!
And usher in a golden age
Where twain with Mother, One become.

Nay, we have never been alone-
The ascended Brotherhood of Light
Hastens our course with Book of Prayer,
Beckons from lofty heights.

Sweet mystery of life unfolds.
Initiates of the Christ,
Gather 'neath canopy of stars,
The vast Antahkarana.

Though twists and turns we must traverse
Beware the jagged crevace!
Still, step by step we climb the mount
That leads us to her Heaven.

"Become immortal," Mother goads,
"Let go of sin and strife,
Please do not weary in well doing
And above all, serve Life."

The Ashram is a place prepared
A manger where the Christ
Is born anew in us each day
To Mother's great delight.

Won't you tarry with us then
In giving rituals pure and true,
Assigned by God as dawn appears
Our faith, hope, love renew.

"Satsanga," Mother whispers
Before she turns to point the way;
Hail! sparkling jewels of the Buddha
Thrice blessing us each day
.© Therese Emmanuel Grey

This website is dedicated to the advent of the Mother of the World within each heart. Invite the Divine Mother in the secret chamber of your heart
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The image of the Mother of the World featured on this site, as well as
the medallion artwork and other illustrations, were painted by Nicholas Roerich
©Nicholas Roerich Museum, New York. Used with permission.